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Jim's Cell:  (808) 443-8868

Emerald Isle Properties - Jim Edmonds Realtor
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COURTEOUS, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE . . .                      

I would be honored to serve your Real Estate needs.  Do you need a VACATION PROPERTY ?  Are you looking for property to own, want to bring your property to market or "Just Kicking Tires" ?   I have owned and managed this boutique company for about 25 years and has worked hard to deserve his solid reputation of honesty, fairness, creativity and good, old fashioned hard work.  I have earned my trade mark:  "Real Estate with Heart" !  If you are interested in purchasing a home, land or condo in Hawaii we look forward to lending a hand.  I can also help you find a buyer for your current property on Kauai or The Big Island. 

Please feel free to Email or Call me - even if you just want to "Talk story" so that we can answer your questions, help you to find your way on Kauai or the Big Island - or even to help you arrange a Vacation Rental for your stay. I have lived in Hawaii for over 40 years and my wife and I have raised our 3 adult sons here - about 30 years on Kauai.

I value my clients and would love to substantiate our motto for you:  "Courteous, Professional Service" !

Jim's Cell:  (808) 443-8868
PO BOX 679, Kilauea, Hawaii  96754